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  • 2023 1st quarter numbers are in.
    Marty Gruenberg is back with the Q1 QBP, and while I was eager to see data based evidence of a shift in banking to support the observational shifts we’ve all seen in headlines as of late, I realized this data is already stale. Marty was quick to call […]
  • Consumer Spending Strength
    I’ve seen references to the below in different formats, leading to comments like “the consumer just wont quit” and “the consumer is still strong given headwinds” While the chart looks strong, I argue the source of that strength is fading and likely lags other indicators. This strength started […]
  • “The Industrial Virality Complex”
    The internet is full of hot takes around the series of collapses we just witnessed and I’ve debated how deep to go here. I found a thread that does a good job of providing a time series of events (with one suggested edit by me) and implications going […]
  • How quickly things can change
    As part of the FDIC QBP released on 2.28.23, the chart below showed a dramatic swing in unrealized losses in the Available-for-Sale and Held-to-Maturity Securities in bank investments. At first glance, so what? Its an unrealized loss of [likely] longer duration T-bills/bonds paying a fixed rate below what […]
  • JPow: “We will stay the course until the job is done.”
    The almighty Jerome Powell addressed congress today as part of the Federal Reserve’s Semiannual Monetary Policy Report. He first covered the Current Economic Situation and Outlook: Second, he covered Monetary Policy: How did the market react? Large banks were down on the day: We saw in the FDIC […]
  • Full-year and 4th quarter numbers are in.
    Our fearless leader, FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg, has spoken. As time goes on I appreciate more the choice of words from those in leadership roles as they will inevitably be thrust under a microscope and analyzed/ over analyzed/ brought up in the future as a ‘gotcha’….all of this […]

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